Welcome to Gluten Free Swiss Cakes And Bread 

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Gluten Free=GF   yeast free=YF  wheat free=WF   Dairy free = DF     

1. Bread
  1. GF Vegan Bread 
  2. GF Yeast Free Bread (vegan)
  3. GF banana bread (vegan)
  4. GF fruit bread (vegan)
  5. GF cheese & bacon roll
  6. GF burger bread roll (vegan)
  7. GF herb focaccia roll (vegan)
  8. Gf white big block bread loaf (for order only)
2. Round Cakes 7 inch
  1. GF baked cheese cake (7 inch)
  2. GF chocolate mud cake (7 inch)
  3. GF blueberry cake (soy & dairy free 7 inch)
  4. GF fresh cream & jam sponge cake (8 inch)
  5. GF black forest cake (8 inch)
  6. GF banana cake (soy & dairy free)
  7. GF carrot cake (soy & dairy free)
  8. Gf orange & poppy seed (soy & dairy free

 3. Muffins (individual cakes)

  1. GF blueberry muffin (soy & dairy free)
  2. GF choc-chip muffin (soy & dairy free)
  3. GF apple muffin (soy & dairy free)
  4. GF carrot muffin (soy & dairy free)
  5. GF banana muffin (soy & dairy free)

 4. Meringue

  1. GF snow man meringue (d.f)
  2. GF pink bird meringue (d.f)
  3. GF blue bird meringue (d.f)
  4. GF lemon meringue (single size)
  5. GF lemon meringue (family size)
  6. GF almond macaroons (80 gram per pack)(d,f)

 5. Pie Tart

  1. GF neenish tart
  2. GF  jam tart (d.f)
  3. GF lemon tart (d.f)
  4. GF custard tart 
  5. GF fruit mince tart (d.f)

 6. Hot Cross Bun

  1. GF fruit hot cross bun (vegan)
  2. GF choc-chip hot cross bun (vegan)
  3. GF plain hot cross bun (vegan)
  4. GF plain scone (vegan)

 7. Slice Cakes

  1. GF hedgehog slice (dairy free)
  2. GF caramel slice
  3. GF lemon slice
  4. GF vanilla slice (lactose free)
  5. GF lamington slice (d.f)
  6. GF baked cheese cake slice

 8. Individual Package

  1. GF cinnamon star (120 gram per package) (d.f)
  2. GF ginger heart (120 gram per package) (d.f)
  3. GF short-bread biscuit (120 gram per package) (d.f)
  4. GF almond macaroons (80 gram per pack)(d.f)       

9. Savoury 

  1. GF family beef pie (d.f)
  2. GF family chicken & vegetable pie (d.f)
  3. GF family shepherd pie (d.f)
  4. GF family spinach quiches
  5. GF family bacon quiches
  6. GF party beef pie (6 in a package) (d.f)
  7. GF party spinach quiches (6 in a package)
  8. GF party bacon quiches (6 in a package)
  9. GF party pasty (6 in a package) (d.f)

 10. Savoury

  1. GF pure beef pie (single size) (dairy free)
  2. GF shepherd pie (single size) (d.f)
  3. GF chicken & vegetable pie (single size) (d.f)
  4. GF mushroom beef pie (single size) (d.f)
  5. GF spinach quiches (single size)
  6. GF bacon quiches (single size)
  7. GF vegetable pasty (single size)(d.f)
  8. GF sausage roll (d.f)
  9. GF spinach ricotta cheese roll 
  10. GF curry beef pie (d.f)

 11. Miscellaneous

  1. GF ginger man (d.f)
  2. GF short bread man (d.f)
  3. GF short bread jam heart (d.f)
  4. GF cinnamon donut (d.f)
  5. GF almond Florentine (d.f)
  6. GF Fruit & almond florentine (d.f)
  7. GF apple cake (single serve)(d.f)
  8. GF apple cake (family size)(d.f)
  9. GF plain scone (vegan)

12. Christmas product

  1. GF Fruit Mince tart (dairy free)
  2. GF ginger house (only one size, available in December of the year) regular size
  3. GF pudding regular size (available in December)
  4. GF fruit cake (only one size, and available in December)

13. Swiss Roll    GF Jam Swiss Roll (dairy free, soy                                   free, maize free, corn free)